Racism On Rise In Europe

According to the 2006 Annual Report of the Vienna-based Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia, only England and Finland have a sufficient mechanism in place for collecting data on racism and intolerance actions. Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus and Malta had no data to report. The report indicated “Roma are a particular target for racist violence and crime, both at the hands of the general public and public officials. Members of the Jewish community continue to experience anti-Semitic incidents. Rising Islamophobia is an issue of particular concern.

Eight countries – Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Poland Slovokia and the UK recorded a rise in racist crimes of violence while the Czech Republic, Austria and Sweden experienced a general downward trend. The report indicated extensive discrimination in the labor market, mainly in case of the younger generations of immigrants. The French data indicated people of foreign origins are likely to be jobless with particular problems encountered for “young people of north-western African origins.”
Information from EU Observer