Racist Crime Rarely Convicted in Finland

Finland during the past decade has witnessed an influx of diverse people resulting in an increase of racist activities. In a recent study of 669 racist crimes identified in 2005, only twenty-five people were convicted, resulting in twelve people receiving fines. The majority of racist crimes reported are assaults on people, vandalism, defamation and threats. Seven out of ten racist crimes occur against foreigners and 85% of those instituting racist crimes are males between the ages of 15-24. Over half of crimes take place in southern Finland around Helsinki, which is where immigrants are living. Ten percent of crimes are against members of the Roma (gypsy) minority.

This survey indicates the overwhelming majority of racist crimes in Finland never result in prosecution. One can surmise that people subject to racist attacks in Finland feel unsure about resorting to courts, which represent in their minds the government.

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  • Mohammed AL-Saedi

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  • Mohammed AL-Saedi

    Finland doesn’t suffer scornful inferiority complex as the finnish foreign minister Alexander Stubb visited Gaza, on 14 Oct 2010, “He stressed the need for freedom of movement for people and goods in and out”

    Amnesty international reported on Finnish arms trade that flouts EU regulations, These deal-ings made Finland the second largest provider of missile technology to Israel, playing second fiddle only to the United States. Finland is also Israel’s ninth most important supplier of arms and ammunitions, according to Amnesty International.

    While Israeli flags are being burned in many European capitals in the aftermath of the dead flotillaraid, thousands of people took part a pro-Israel rally in Helsinki on Thursday.The Finnish capital’s streets were filled with Israeli and Finnish flags as participants marched towards the port while chanting slogans in support of the IDF and waving banners protesting what they claimed was the biased media coverage of the flotilla raid.

    A Place Where Israel is Loved

    There are churches where the Israeli flag is proudly displayed side-by-side with the Finnish national colors, and where entire Christian congregations recite “Hatikva” first in Hebrew and then in Finnish.

    Meanwhile, finland increased its troops in the Afghanistan, its current deployment of about 120 soldiers by more than 50. Finland hopes to withdraw its 170 troops from war-torn Afghanistan at the earliest, though it could take anywhere between three and six years, foreign minister Alexander Stubb said.

    In addition, Finland appointed a homosexual lobbyist as its new foreign minister on April 1, replacing former minister Ilkka Kanerva. Alexander Stubb, who served as a Member of Euro-pean Parliament for Finland, was chosen to replace Kanerva following a scandal in which the media revealed over 200 sexually suggestive text messages Kanerva sent to a stripper.Stubb, who turned 40 the day he was nominated for the position of foreign minister by Finland’s Na-tional Coalition Party, Kokoomus, has served as a MEP since 2004. He is the vice-president of the European Parliament’s Gay and Lesbian rights intergroup, a lobbyist body that ensures the goals of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals are implemented in the decisions made by EU institutions.


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    “In 1999, Martti Ahtisaari’s Finnish government supported official government plans to honor and to commemorate Finland’s Nazi Waffen SS violunteers during World War II. The Finnish government plan was to mark the graves of Finnish Nazi Waffen SS volunteers”

    In the latest news, Hitler files To Birthday of Mannerheim in Finland



    Finnish-Israeli arms trade flouts EU regulations

    Finland appointed a homosexual lobbyist as its new foreign minister

    Pro-Israel Rally in Helsinki Finland

    Finland – A Place Where Israel is Loved

    former nazi state transformed into a zionist one.

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