Ray Kelly To Attack

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is on the attack in order to protect his famous, “stop and frisk”policy. TV talks, articles in newspapers and ongoing complaints against any effort to prevent police from halting black and Hispanic youth in order to prevent crimew. Kelly notes the murder rate is the lowest in history, that his policy has prevented 7,383 homicides and removed “tens of thousands of weapons” from the streets of New York City. “He insists “these policies work.”

Perhaps, he can explain why murder rates in most cities are the lowest in history and most do NOT have stop and frisk policies? Perhaps, he can explain how he actually prevented these  7,000 homicides? Murder rates drop for the following reasons:

1. If the age bracket 17-28 declines so do all crimes.

2. If what was criminal no longer is-gambling.

3. If the economy offers decent work to young people.