Red Shirt Protest Crushed In Bangkok

The month long struggle for control of Bangkok has ended when military forces completed their operation to crush protesting Red Shirts. Hundreds were finally compelled to leave their hiding places after reporters walked along with soldiers in order to calm fears that the military would shoot anyone who ventured into the streets. Fires were still being set by Red Shirts as a form of protest whose only result was to destroy businesses and wreck the tourist industry which provided jobs for thousands. The death total may go over a hundred and wounded will probably exceed five hundred. The army controls Bangkok, but in other areas of the nation, protest groups are attacking local governments and continuing their fight to overthrow the government.

Lost in the calamity is the truth about the Red Shirts. How could thousands of poor people leave their farms of jobs for over a month unless some outside group or people were funding the entire operation? Did former billionaire Thaksin have a hand in this “popular uprising?” There is no doubt, a high percent of people in Thailand are being abused and in poverty, but are powerful people using legitimate concerns as a means to get power is the real question?