Religious Freedom For All

There is an area in the United States of America known as the “state of Mississippi.” For some, there is no such state although there is a Mississippi state of mind. Over a hundred years those with white skins living in this neck of the woods rebelled against the American government to protect their right to have a few slaves. Their religion insisted those with white skins could enslave those with dark skins, this idea came from God so how could any decent Christian fail to obey God? There are still some of those white folk inhabiting the region of Mississippi. Yesterday, they passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which defends the rights of those who believe in God not to have anything to do with those who believe in gay or lesbian rights. This means, I do not have to sell them things, I do not have to allow them in my hotel or business establishment as long as I obey the words of God.

Tony Peters of the Family Research Council hailed the law as a “victory for the first and 14th amendment right to live and work according to my conscience” So, gays and lesbians stay away from my business and go eat a hamburger elsewhere. I was wondering:

1. My religious belief is that having any of my money taken away in taxes to help feed the hungry violates what God told me. So, I do not pay taxes.

2. My religious belief is “an eye for an eye” which grants me the right to kill anyone who gives me a
dirty look.

I have a few more religious views but will not bother you with them. Just make certain to do what I demand be done or else–God will speak with my weapon of mass destruction.