Republicans Play With Life

There was a time in American foreign policy during the 20th century when members of both political parties placed national interest before the quest for votes. Mitt Romney is using the escape of blind Chine activist, Cheng Guangcheng in order to pursue his quest for the presidency. The escape of Guangcheng from his guardians was dramatic and suggested that third parties were involved in the scheme to smuggle this Chinese leader. The wrong questions, the wrong information can result in the loss of life.

President Obama is conducting himself in a diplomatic manner. Wild demands have been uttered by Romney in an effort to come across as “tough” toward China. This may play to the war crowd, but few Americans want conflict with China. An individual who seeks to portray himself as “presidential” might take one opportunity to focus on what is necessary for American national interests rather than his interest in getting elected.

Obama and Clinton have to work quietly with China to resolve the problem without causing the Chinese government to come across as surrendering to American demands. America must avoid making demands. That is the essence of diplomacy.