Republicans Remember The Alamo

The Republican Party, or should I say, the Tea Party branch known as the Republican party, is ready to re-enact the Alamo and fight to the last person in pursuit of God. It is clear that God does NOT want every American to be provided health insurance. God would prefer that people lack health insurance, die earlier, and arrive sooner in Heaven. If the pesident and the Senate allow House Republicans to carry out politics by threat, a new era will dawn in the history of America. From now on, once a political party gains control of either the House or Senate they will engage in guerrilla warfare to end a law that is on the books. Today, the Affordable Care Act, tomorrow, name the law you want ended.

John Boehner argues that the president does not want to “negotiate.” By that, he means the president does not believe he has the power to void laws. A law is overthrown when a majority of both houses votes to repeal it. The Civil Rights Act of 1965 was passed by both Houses and signed by the president. That law provided new rights. We can not have a government that is run by threats, we can not have a government in which historic procedures for new laws are voided. John Boehner argues, “all we’re asking for here is a discussion and fairness for the American people under Obamacare.”

Yesterday, 2.8 million people attempted to learn more about Obamacare. They wanted a discussion.