Revival of Judaism in Germany

It appears there is a growing turnabout for Judaism in Germany since the number of Jews living there has now reached 200,000. German law allows Jews to come to their nation and obtain citizenship. A large number of Jews from Russia have settled in Germany rather than going to Israel. It is estimated at least half of all Jews in Germany came from Russia, obviously seeking better employment opportunities in the Federal Republic. Dozens of synagogues are being built and there is even a revival of the Yiddish language, which incidentally, receives scant interest in Israel. A new Holocaust museum has opened in Berlin to world-wide acclaim.
Information from The Economist

I find most fascinating the revival of Yiddish which was the language of millions of east European Jews. In one of my visits to Israel I found it irritating that no one appeared to have any knowledge of Yiddish, a language I learned as a child of east European Jews. I have worked with German educators and found they have done an outstanding job in teaching German children about the Holocaust. It is unfortunate that Japanese educators don’t follow the German education model in teaching children about Japanese atrocities in World War II.