Revolution In Africa -Again

Anyone who resides in the United States of America is hardly the person to make nasty comments regarding a coup in Africa or the Fiji Islands or any inhabited place on this continent. We Americans certainly lead the way when it comes to initiating violence, either for or not for the concept of democracy. South Sudan became the latest nation on this planet,and thus it has the right to engage in a few acts of violence before anyone notices. The president is someone known as Salva Kiir and his vice president is known as Riek Machar. Are those facts clear?

OK,either Riek attempted to take over the government.

Or, Riek did not attempt to take over the government.

Or,no one attempted to take over the government.


At least 500 people are dead and hundreds others are wounded.

Salva is unclear whether or not Riek did something.

Real humans are suffering in pain, if still alive.

Eventually, South Sudan will graduate into the big leagues and will have a real nice war. Just wait, it will arrive.

Oh, only this time, forget hundreds, in the big leagues we begin with thousands.!