Revolution In Saudi Arabia-Woman Drives A Car!

A Saudi Arabian female activist marked this year’s International Women’s Day by defying the ban on women from driving in the ultra-conservative Islamic kingdom and she posted a video of her revolutionary action on YouTube. Wajiha Huwaidar, a leading activist in the campaign to get women behind the wheel openly accepted resonsibility for the video which is now being seen. She recorded the video while driving in a deserted area in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. In September, more than 1,000 Saudi men and women signed a petition to King Abdullah urging him to lift the controversial ban on women driving. The petition argues there is nothing in the Koran which remotely relates to a ban on driving cars and noted in many rural areas of the country, women are driving cars.

One can only assume in the days of Muhammad, women rode on camels or horses without anyone being upset. This is the type of law which is an example of the blatant discrimination against women in a Muslim nation.