Rich Get Richer

A recent study in Australia reveals that Mitt Romney would do OK in that nation. The richest three-fifths of people have nearly three-fourths of all the savings. The poorest 20% of households redceive just 2.5% of wages in the country while the richest 20% get 47 percent. An amazing statistic is that  the richest quintile of households receive about 12% of social assistance while the next highest quintile receive 11 percent. In other words, the more you got the more you get.

The United States of America has similar statistics but that does not prevent those who regard wealthy folk as job creators and the source of all wealth from complaining about high taxes. Of course, no one ever defines the meaning of the word, “high.” I assume there are special arrangements in heaven for those with lots of dough. Unfortunately, those arrangements do not include a trip to Hell!