Road Rage In Action

I confess to lack of empathy toward motorcyclists who zoom down the highway riding close to my car and pretending they are Marlon Brando in “The Wild One.” My assumption is their behavior can result in accidents or injuries. A group of motorcyclists in New York City held an unoffical rally and decided to ride alongside an SUV. According to photo footage, they rode along side of the SUV which contained a man and his family. There was a bender fender. Footage clearly shows a motorcycle that cut in front of the SUV. The driver was forced to halt. The men on motorcyles approached the SUV. Its driver must have panicked because he suddenly plowed ahead and hit a biker named Edwin Mieses resulting in serious injuries that suggest some form of paralysis.The driver was beaten.

Bikers insist they are the victims, the SUV driver insists that he is the victim. The entire incident would never have occurred without motorcycles getting too close to the car. Frankly, this is an example of stupidity. People seeking problems in life?