Rogues Gallery Of Criminals

Visit any police station and you will be able to see a gallery of pictures of those deemed to be violent criminals whose arrest would benefit society. Harm Schilder, a Catholic priest in the Netherlands has uncovered a new form of Rogues Gallery, pictures of his parishioners who no longer want to attend his church. He now displays their pictures and names in order to show the town who are real Catholics and who have left the faith. “This isn’t about pointing a finger, naming, and shaming.” He simply wanted those who  do not attend services to know they are not coming to church.

After all, if your name is not on display as one who will not come and listen to Father Schilder, how will you know that you are not in church??Oh,he wants a copy of your identity card if you don’t show up. I wonder if one has to write an essay about why they don’t attend church?