Roma Families Displaced in Czech Republic

The Roma (gypsy) minority in Eastern Europe is continually confronting discrimination. In the town of Vsetin, several Roma families were uprooted and forced to relocate 100 miles away into a community they know nothing about. They have been placed in dilapidated houses. As Frantisek Zuga noted, “The mental strain is the worst because we are used to being together. At town hall they threw the mortgage contract at us. We didn’t know we were going here. We were under pressure.” The displaced families were put into trucks and dumped at midnight in the new town.

Few, if any, American newspapers report on the plight of over one million Roma people scattered throughout Eastern Europe who daily encounter hatred, discrimination, inability to have children or attend school, and constant harassment. Most accounts of the Holocaust taught in American schools ignore the hundreds of thousands of Romas who were killed in the death camps.