Romani Language Ignored In Czech Republic

Language is what identifies people as much as skin color, and for those who are called, Romas, their speech has been part of their identify for hundreds of years. A recent study by the Council of Europe revealed there is extensive discrimination against Romas in the Czech Republic due to language issues. Romany is relatively little represented on television, in radio or in public life, and the language is absent from kindergartens and nurseries. Most probably, Romany is what young Roma children speak so when they enter primary grades in school, they are immediately behind students who have been raised with the Czech language. The report also revealed the small German minority in the nation lacks opportunity to witness extensive use of German in ordinary discourse of the society.

Undoubtedly, the decline of German is also related to World War II and its horrors. But, Romas never damaged the lives of Czechs and discrimination against their language can only be explained by prejudice.