Sarah Palin Defense Fund

Former Governor Sarah Palin established a defense fund while still governor in order to deal with complaints concerning her actions, but, by posting the word,”official,” it implied the fund was recognized by her in her role as governor. OK, it pulled in $400,000 which is about what Sarah pulls in for a weekend talk before her admirers. Frankly, Sarah Palin is among the greatest examples of someone who enters politics, winks and blinks in order to get across she is “one of the people” and then proceeds to cash in on the gullibility of those who believe Sarah actually has a idea in her head. The tragedy of Sarah Palin and her defense fund is tricking her followers into believing the forces of evil were out to get the fair maiden. From day one, Sarah had one thought in her mind– how to make money!

It is too bad Sarah never got together with the former governor of Illinois. Between the two of them, hustling dough was the ONLY order of business.