Scary Sarkozy Frightens French Muslims

In the low-rent suburbs around Paris, thousands of disenchanted Muslims fear the presidency of Sarkozy. The abrasive, divisive and scary new president of France has vowed to transform immigrants into good French citizens. In “les banlieuses”—the outskirts of Paris which contain predominantly Muslim immigrant communities, there is extensive fear of a man who in 2005 when Minister of the Interior ordered the police to crackdown on people he termed “scum.” A reporter for the Lebanon Star noticed someone had scrawled on a Sarkozy poster, “A vote for this man is a vote for war.”
Information from The Lebanon Star

Few Americans grasp the intensity of anger and fear among European Muslims who believe they are treated as second-class citizens and confront political leaders who would like to see them depart from Europe. We can expect increased violence in the months ahead.