Screw Students, Save Business!

I am born in 1930 and spent my early life in the Depression which ravaged the US and Europe during the thirties. In the midst of an economic decline that left over 20% of workers without a job, every major city in the US–and in England– had colleges which were free to attend. New York City had four such colleges including night programs for those who had some access to work, but were still desirous of a college degree. Today in England–and the United States– college applications are rising along with dramatic rises in the cost of college. England has just witnessed 600,000 applications for its universities, but 180,000 of those people will be told there is no room at the inn of knowledge. Fees at British universities will rise to about $6,000 and by next year colleges in the UK will be able to charge about $16,000 a year for education. Is there something wrong with this equation– free colleges during the worst Depression in history, and rising college tuition in the current economic recession?

The reason is simple for this inequity. The government of Great Britain and the government of the United States refuse to raise taxes on the wealthy preferring that youth spend more to obtain an education. We live in a world governed by the myth any tax raises on wealthy people will result in them ceasing to work, closing their business enterprises and going off to another country. TAX THE WEALTHY AND OFFER FREE COLLEGE EDUCATION!