Serious Anger To Critics in Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka has recently emerged from a thirty year old civil war and at the end rebels were crushed. Frederica Jansz, a newspaper editor, published articles that were critical of the current government which has imprisoned opponents in its quest for power. Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rejapaksa, brother of the president became very upset at this upstart woman. He publicly proclaimed, “ninety percent of the people in this country hate you…You pig that eats shit…people will kill you.” The predecessor of Ms. Jansz was murdered by unknown thugs.

Ms. Jansz decided that fleeing with a bit more intelligent than remaining to be killed. She applied to Australia  for a humanitarian visa to settle. The Australian High Commission in Colombo turned it down wondering what was  threatening this woman in the free nation of Sri Lanka! Those death threats are probably from an old boy friend.