Shiite Leader Opposes Yoga Classes

A proposal from a prominent Indian spiritual leader who offered to conduct yoga classes in Iraq was condemned by a Shiite cleric. Ironically, two days earlier Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki gave a warm welcome to the Art of Living and Sri Ravi Shankar planned to hold breathing and meditation sessions in the war-ravaged nation. Bashir Hussein al-Najafi, head of a Shiite school commented, “We may start some computer programmes here, but I have my reservations about yoga.”

Iraq is in continual conflict, stress is at an all time high, and religious people are killing one another. One might consider this is the perfect time for relaxation and meditation. I suspect millions of Iraqi people feel a spiritual vacuum in their nation which might partly be aided by opportunities to reflect in quiet. There are thousands of angry, agitated young men and women waving guns and ready to blow themselves up. Isn’t this a time to welcome a spiritual leader offering peace and serenity?
Information from The Statesman, India