Sig Heil For Freedom!

Joseph Hall is age ten, and was raised by a father who adored Adolf Hitler and Nazi ideas. Jeff was taken along on night-time patrols along the Mexican border and urged to use weapons against any enemy of American society who crossed the border in search of work. He lived in a house which had swastikas on the wall and pictures of Adolf Hitler with his arm raised to adoring masses. This is a boy who was taught to hate, to be angry at those who differed with his views on life.

However, Joseph also was conditioned by his father to the cult of violence. He was repeatedly beaten and insulted throughout his life. To be a Nazi meant to be accustomed to physical and mental pain. One night, the boy had enough and  obtained a gun his dad had given him, walked over to his father asleep on a couch, pulled the trigger and sent bullets into the body.

Now, Joseph stands accused of murder. The question is whether Joseph is really a Nazi or an ordinary human whose life and mind were twisted by his father so that he became other than who he really was?