Sing Hate, Not Love, Say Palestinians

Israeli singer Achinoam Nini and Israeli Arab singer Mira Awad, have been singing together for years and they were selected by the Israel Broadcasting Authority to represent the nation in the Eurovision Song Contest. The decision of Ms. Awad to sing with an Israeli has unleashed a fury of anger among many Palestinians who believe their friendship sends the wrong message to the world. Instead of making it clear that Palestinians and Israelis hate one another and can never be friends, Ms. Awad actually believes a message of love and friendship is necessary in a world in which both parties believe the other is the incarnation of evil. Ms. Awad has a strange idea concerning the two nations. “I see a long term goal in front of my eyes, where eventually our two peoples have to find a way to live side by side, and where the Palestinian minority in Israel achieves equal citizenship.

Of course, to the sick and incompetent Palestinians who believe violence and war will achieve their goals, her ideas reflect a sick mind who will not go along with the program of hate. Perhaps, the preachers of hate can offer evidence their approach is working.