Sixty Years Later – Neo Nazis Are Alive And Well In Moscow

A Bristol University student in England recently purchased a Burton T-shirt, which had Cyrillic writing surrounding a double-headed eagle, that a Russian student was able to translate for him. Hidden in the imagery of this T-shirt from Russia was the word ‘Rus,’ which is used to distinguish a native born Russian from those not born there. It is a phrase painted on homes of foreigners by Russian neo-Nazis. The Russian Motherland party is notorious for its anti-foreign feelings and even produced a 2006 television program which depicted dark-skinned immigrants throwing watermelon rinds to the ground, along with the incendiary slogan: “Let’s Clean Moscow of the Rubbish.”

These T-shirts were being sold all over England until a Russian employee of Burton’s spotted the insulting imagery and alerted management, which then withdrew the shirts from all of their stores. The real tragedy is that neo-Nazis are common in Russia and young Russians shout slogans praising Hitler, the one responsible for the death of 27 million Russians. Too many of them only connect death in World War II with the killing of Jews and are either ignorant or don’t care that equally great atrocities were committed against other Russians, including the killing of at least three million Russian POWs. It makes one wonder what is going on in Russian schools.
Information from The Guardian