Skinheads March

Dressed in the colors of the Swedish military, dozens of skinheads clad in white shirts and holding aloft their flags of hate, marched in Stockholm on National Day to protest the presence of dark skinned immigrants in their nation. Hundreds of bystanders hooted and jeered at their attempt to project power and authority.

Sweden has the most open policy for immigrants in Europe. The nation has welcomed over 25,000 Iraq refugees compared to less than a thousand who have found refuge in the United States. Swedish hospitality is not always welcomed among fellow Swedes. What I find most significant of this skinhead failure to arouse anger is that hundreds of people didn’t merely gaze at their march, but vocally expressed their contempt for this effort to soil the welcome Sweden is giving those fleeing from oppression. As an American, I find distressing the fact my nation which created chaos in Iraq refuses to accept many refugees from that nation.
The Local, June 6, 2007 “Extremists Clash on National Day”