Slavery In India

India was ruled for a few hundred years by England and thus had ample opportunity to learn about those who have money and power and those who do not. The middle class has been rapidly expanding and thus able to afford the luxury of  hiring a slave. There is a vast market for young girls who will clean, cook, arrange your clothes and do just about anything desired by the almighty  middle class. Of course they get paid–about $60 a month for a six hour work week.

The people of India, for some strange reason, became upset by the story of a 13 year old slave girl who was beaten, starved, and not paid by her nice middle class owners–Dr. Sanjay Verma and Dr, Ssunmita Verma. Yes, two doctors whose goal in life is saving people saw nothing wrong with locking up the girl and heading for a vacation in Thailand.

Modern slavery, the shame of India!