Snoop In Paris, My Allies!

Another day, another American ally furious at the Obama administration for its infernal spying and snooping into the lives of its citizens. The French government summoned the US ambassador to explain why American spies are spying on its French ally spies. Foreign Minister laurent Fabius sharply commented: “this sort of parctice between partners that invades privacy is totally unacceptable and we have to make sure, very quickly, that this no longer happens.” French Interior Minister Manuel Valls was even blunter: “if a friendly country–an ally– spies on France or other European countries, that is completely unacceptable.” I assume the Obama administration has got the “unacceptable” word?

Perhaps, President Obama can send a secret document which is titled: “AMERICAN SECURITY.” Once anyone comes across the word, “SECURITY” then it is American law they must cease to gaze at the document. Don’t they understand it is against the law to read anything classified as “Security?” After all, only one million people have that clearance and none lives in France!