So, What’s New? Nothing Much

There are moments in my life when I would enjoy watching the news without encountering another story about some cop who halted someone for a minor traffic violation and then had to kill them because he feared for his life. The latest case occurred on the campus of the University of ?Cincinnati when a college cop halted someone for something. In the end, as it always happens, the motorist –who usually is of black skin–winds up dead. So, what now happens”?

1. The cop will be temporarily suspended –with pay.

2. The two cops who lied to defend him will be placed on temporary leave–with pay.

3. The family of the dead man will be tormented and angry demanding justice.

4. The media will report the story. Fox News will prove the cop was being threatened by a man without a weapon.

5. The Justice Department will launch an investigation.

6. A Grand Jury will find for the cop. It always does.

Life will go on and on as will dead motorists.