Some Crimeans Hate Russia!

President Vladimir Putin insists that people who were in the Ukraine really wanted to be part of Russia. He is able to cite the situation in the Crimea where “the people” rose in defiance of the Ukraine government, declared their right to be a separate nation, and then voted in a free and democratic “referendum” to return to the bosom of Mother Russia. Oh, there is one tiny problem with the story. About 12 percent of inhabitants of the Crimea are Tatars, people of Sunni Muslim Turkish heritage who HATE RUSSIA! During World War II, over 200,000 were forcibly deported from the Crimea by the Russian government on charges they would be sympathetic to Nazi invaders. They wound up in central Asia and thousands died in the cattle wagons and trains that were used to deport them.

Few of these Tatars bothered to vote in the referendum. Many still fly the Ukraine flag despite warnings from “self-defense” groups to get with the program. As Nariman Dzhelyalov put it: We do not trust the Russian authorities. They have always opposed Crimean Tatars.”

How about another referendum which allows Crimean Tatars to secede and form their own nation? Then, they could petition for entry into Ukraine!