Someone Got Acquitted

For some reason many people in the United States of America are upset because a man was found Not Guilty for shooting another person. The assumption of those engaged in rioting is that finding people Not Guilty of shooting an unarmed person is rather unusual. Let me get this story clear:

1. There was an unarmed teenage boy walking around in some gated community.

2. There was a neighborhood watch on the lookout for young teenage boys who wander around their community.

3. The man on watch had a gun. It says clearly in the US Constitution that everyone is entitled to have a  gun.

4. The boy was black skinned and he was not on his own street.

5. The  man with the gun got worried because the boy did NOT have a gun. How could there be a shootout if only one person was in possession of a gun? Sounds weird to me.

In other words, only one person obeyed the US Constitution. So, what is the surprise if one person wound up dead and the other innocent?