Sorcery And Witchcraft In The World

Practicioners of witchcraft and sorcery in post industrial societies are found in banks and members of the stock market who beguile people through deception and creating illusions of money that doesn’t really exist other than in the mind of the stockbrokers. Mr. Madoff was able to mystify people for half a century with his tales of money that never existed. In Papua New Guinea, individuals who anger or disturb others frequently find themselves charged with being involved in the art of sorcery. An angry mob killed a man who they charged was performing sorcery and then cut him into pieces. They also tortured another man, but the intervention of a doctor saved his life.

In Papua West Guinea the charge of sorcery is often made when a person dies under mysterious circumstances. In the United States sorcery is more often performed in nice offices and no mob ever appears to hack anyone into pieces. In most cases the money of people disappears into thin air by the sleight of hand of a Bernard Madoff who usually disappears into the nearest country club.

Perhaps, the solution offered up by people in Papua West Guinea is wrong because the person never performed any sorcery. But, it would be nice if the Bernard Madoffs of the world could wind up confronting an angry mob in Papua West Guinea rather than some angry voices at a Miami Beach country club.