Spies In Our Closets

The German government is very angry at terrorists in their midst who devote untold millions seeking out secrets and information concerning what is going on behind the walls of this important nation. Naturally, the NSA and the CIA already have uncovered the names and the purposes of these evil doers. When it comes to issues of NATIONAL SECURITY, one can muster up the talents, the equipment, the technology that meets the high standards of the CIA and NSA. If you want to capture a spy, just check with our spies. They knew even before the best spy brains in Germany as to who were the spies seeking out information about actions of terrorists in Germany. Oh, I forgot to mention the spies spying in Germany which is among our closest allies, are spies who work for the CIA! Naturally, to the uninformed mind, it is not clear why America devotes such resources to spying on our friends. Who else but your close friend would you suspect of evil doing? So, the CIA paid Germans who work for the German intelligence agency to tell America what goes on in Berlin.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is furious. The NSA has already admitted they hacked into her phones. President Obama many said, “oops, sorry about that.” Now, another spy incident and, as of this moment, President Obama has yet to promise our ally there will be an end to spying. CIA Head John Brennan offered to come to Berlin and discuss the situation. The German government replied they FIRST EXPECT A PROMISE TO CEASE spying. No such promise as of yet has been forthcoming. The US insists any discussions must be “in private.” I guess for some strange reason the CIA does not wish names of their German agents to be revealed, particularly, since they are German!!