Sterling Stirs Waters Of Hate

The reaction against comments made by Los Angeles Clipper owner, Donald Sterling continue to dominate headlines even as playoff games are in process. There is increasing evidence this man of wealth has never displayed wealth of spirit or soul or love for his own family. He cheated on his wife and he cheated on Los Angeles Clipper players by his behavior. His estranged wife exploded in anger. “Our family is devastated by the racist comments made by my estranged husband. My children and I do not share these despicable views or prejudices.” OK, so the NBA now confronts a situation in which players on a team know the owner regards them as inferior creatures if their skins are black. So, what are the alternatives?

1. Force him to sell the team.

2. Turn the team over to his children since they are not bigots.

3. Suspend him from ownership for X amount of years.

4. Heck, why not let black players get together and buy out the bigot!