Suffer Little Children

We inhabit an interesting world in which children are asked to suffer for the mistakes of their elders. The Republican and the Democratic party, including its leader, Barack Obama, lack the guts or intelligence to address economic issues and since they refuse to pass necessary legislation, then children must bear the consequences of their cowardly behavior. Yes, there is a massive national debt, but children are not responsible for this situation. Our national economic problems stem from failure of nerve and refusal to ask ALL members of society to share in solving them.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, a nice liberal man, has decided to slash funding for schools which educate blind and deaf children. He wants to save part of the $114 million spent on these schools. A member of his staff argued in so doing it would advance “consistency and equal treatment” of all children. How could anyone utter such nonsense with a straight face??

How about raising taxes on Wall Street folk and let them turn over an extra $100 million from their $140 BILLION bonus last Christmas??