Suffer The Children

We on planet Earth inhbit a section of the universe where our new born youth all too often grow into maturity after many years of painful exposure to the horrors of humanity. Millions of children are reared in pain, in brutality, and in abuse of their dignity as living beings. Forrtaleza is the notorious capital of prostitution where young children to not attend a school for learning from books and writing papers, but spend their days hustling along the streets of sex in order to earn money for survival. Young girls are greatest in demand. As one observer noted, “as soon as they hit the avenue, they are picked up. It’s really a matter of mnutes. The number of children involved in the sex trade is an estimated 500,000 in Brazil.

That is a fivefold increase within a decade. The arrival next year of tourists coming to see the World Cup being played means that thousands of children will not be in the stadium to watch soccer so much as being played with by men who want the thrill of a young girl singing songs of love to appease their carnal desires.