Super Paul Flies In To Save Mitt!

Is it a bird, is it a plane, NO, it is the boy wonder, Paul Ryan. He just flew in from the Midwest to save poor Mitt, the poor rich boy who can’t seem to come across as a poor poor guy. Paul is young, tough, he wants to end foolish things like Student loans and grants, Food Stamps, aid to poor women and children. Paul  was born to money, and a family that had established itself in Wisconsin. He worked himself up from the upper middle class, so why can’t you kids in Poplar
Bluff, Missouri do the same thing? Republicans now  have a person on the ticket who clearly can  explain why in modern America, the underclass is those who only make a million a year.

Four years ago, Republicans were thrilled with a woman who shot bears. This year they are thrilled with a man who aims to wipe out poor people and make them understand if they want to eat, there are always peaches to pick, at $7.25 an hour. Perhaps, Mitt can switch and run for vice president!