Sweden Changes Immigration Policy

Sweden has been experiencing a “significant” immigration from areas like Iraq, Somalia, and the Sudan. Historically, Sweden has been generous in accepting immigrants fleeing persecution. Under new guidelines, immigrants will be gently forced to move to rural areas and away from Stockholm. Local Councils will be provided funds to reward immigrants moving to their area to receive financial support, housing and jobs. Local communities will be compelled to provide Swedish language instruction in order to integrate immigrants within Swedish society. Labor Minister Littorin has announced that beginning July 2nd, unemployed Swedes will be compelled to move to areas which have employment opportunities or face loss of unemployment benefits.

One can understand the new Swedish policy, but forcing newly arrived people to leave friends and fellow countrymen to go live in areas where they lack this support poses emotional pressures. My parents, upon arriving in America, remained with relatives and fellow countrymen in order to have a feeling of comfort and protection. This is a natural attitude of an immigrant.