Syrian Solutions Grow Fewer

War creates its own dynamic, it moves people and nations into directions they did not forsee or desire. President Bashar al-Assad began his crackdown on protesters with military force. At that moment in time, some minor political alternatives most probably would have stemmed mass protest, but Assad,  being a son of the man who murdered 20,000 fellow Syrians, thought his  father was  a better guide than was common sense. There is increasing fear in nations like Turkey or Egypt that the time for political solutions may well have been bypassed by events.

Some discuss the possibility of forming enclaves on the borders of Syria in which neutral forces would assume control in order to provide  sanctuary for Syrians fleeing death and destruction. If they do come to fruition it would be a matter of time  before they evolved into centers of opposition to Assad and then to centers of military forces ready to challenge the Syrian army. There is always the possibility of a “no fly zone” being created by US and NATO air forces.

In the meantime, death goes on, destruction of cities goes on, rhetoric about “foreign groups” goes on from Assad, and people die. Unfortunately, along with these deaths is the death of peace.