Teachers And Sex

Many years ago when I was a professor of Education at a college, I decided to investigate the topic of students and sex. I interviewed about fifty secondary teachers about their lives and during the process of these interviews discovered that 15% admitted to a sexual encounter with a high school student. One teacher noted: “I am 22 and the females in my class are 18, I would date an 18 year old girl so what is the difference if I have a date and sex with a student, it certainly has no relation with their grade.” Ellen Wermelin is a school counselor in a Texas High School and was arrested for sex with a male student.

The boy, whose name cannot be revealed, was up front with a TV interview and admitted that he had initiated the sex. “At the end of the day, I’m 18 and an adult and I make my own decisions.” One day he was bored, contacted the counselor via the social network, they met, she gave the massage and then they had some sex. An interesting issue.