Teddy Bears And Muhammad–The Saga Concludes!

People of the Muslim faith are encountering discrimination and prejudice from religious bigots throughout the world and the last thing they needed was for the clerical bigots in the Sudan to add fire to the flames of anti-Muslim feeling. In a decision that would have seemed logical to the 15th century mind, Ms. Gillian Gibbons of England, a primary school teacher working in the Sudan, was found guilty of “insulting religion” because the children in her class chose the name of “Muhammad” for a teddy bear. The British Foreign Office is furious and British Muslim groups are distressed because the court case is a God-send to every idiotic bigot in their nation who wants to make a case that the Muslim religion is backward and bigoted. It now turns out that a member of the school staff– Sara Khawad, was the one who told religious authorities about the “crime” and even testified against Ms. Gibbons. The judge who heard the case, Mohammed Youssef, said “We are happy with the verdict. It is fair. We will be very sad to lose her.” Huh!

Every time situations like this occur, Muslims confront anger from those who believe their religion has scant relevance to life in the 21st century. This writer knows the overwhelming majority of Muslims believe Judge Youssef and the Sudan court system behaved in an incredible stupid manner by even identifying this situation as an example of “insulting religion.” The best solution at this time is for every ambassador to leave the Sudan for a month in protest against the close minded fools who actually believe naming a teddy bear Jesus or Muhammad, or Moses, or bin Laden or teddy makes a difference in our lives. So, let me print it, the name of the teddy bear in the Sudan was Muhammad.