Teenage German Boy in Turkish Prison for Kissing Girl

Marco Weiss, a 17 year-old German boy on holiday with his parents is now lingering in a Turkish prison. The mother of a 13 year-old English girl claims Marco sexually abused Charlotte M. Medical examinations indicate Charlotte M. is still a virgin and apparently the two youngsters engaged in kissing and fondling. Marco faces up to an eight year prison sentence.

The German government is infuriated at the arrest of the boy. Muslims living in Christian societies continually insist their customs be respected whether they be dress or personal relations. But, in this situation, Turkey refuses to accept western customs and values. In Germany, it is acceptable for two teenagers to fondle and kiss, sexual intercourse is another matter. If Turkey is to be serious about seeking entry into the European Union, it has to confront the need to respect other values and customs. Turkey’s failure to free this German boy will undoubtedly doom its chances for entry into the EU. No German government could allow this abuse of one of its citizens by Turkey and survive an infuriated German population.