Tell Truth, Go To Jail!

Bradley Manning is a member of the American armed forces. He had access to documents and decided to release them in order to make Americans realize how  our military and diplomats were not working for peace in the world. The result of his leaks is the famous Wikileaks that shook the world. Manning has been kept in isolation in jail, subjected to physical and emotional abuse because solitary confinement is not ordinarily mandatory for a soldier who did no physical harm to self or others. But, he had to be stripped naked at night to prevent an alleged suicide attempt that he planned.

He is now charged under Article 32 with the crime of revealing “state secrets” and “aiding the enemy.” Of course, there is not a shred of evidence that anything revealed in Wikileaks resulted in the death of a single American soldier. The famous “state secrets” were simply the babbling of American diplomats making nasty comments concerning leaders of other nations. Some state secret!