Thailand Lobbies For Softer Islamic Statement

Muslims, who constitute about 15% of Thailand’s population, live mainly in southern provinces which have become the scene of separatist feelings brought on by years of discrimination and prejudice. At a meeting of the Organization of the Islamic Conference last week, Thailand persuaded three Muslim nations to support a rewording of the conference statement about unrest in the provinces. Initially the conference was going to recommend as a solution to ending violence, that there be “elected Muslim representatives and elected governors” as part of dealing with the situation in the “southern state.”

As a result of Thailand’s lobbying efforts, all references to the unrest and discrimination against Muslims in the southern provinces were removed. This is merely another example of pretending there is no problem as the solution to solving the problem. The Muslim conference praised the Thailand government for seeking a peaceful solution even though little is being done to deal with issues, such as allowing some form of local autonomy to Muslims in these areas, providing further funding for education, roads, etc… in order to win over people and turn them away from resorting to violence.

Why is there such a strong human desire to pretend all is well in the world when all is not well?
Information from Bangkok Post