Thank God You Drowned!

There  are those who pray to God and there are those who speak with God. There are those who are not 100% certain what God wants or does not want, and there are those who essentially tell God what to believe and do. Glenn Beck once again informed the world what God is doing in order to assist us to have happy and productive lives. Beck believes the oncoming Hurricane Irene is really an attempt on the part of God to bestow his blessings on those down below. According to Beck, “it is God reminding you, as was the earth quake last week, you’re not in control.”

I am not clear as to who is IN control. The Beck thesis is whenever we have disasters they are really messages from God as to whether you think this is BAD, just wait until I really zonk the entire human race. My question is : what type of God goes around killing people in order to persuade people to behave?