Thank You Bank Of America

I wish to express my thanks to the Bank of America for seeking to protect myself against tendencies to make mistakes concerning my use of MY money. After all, in modern times we entrust our money to people who run what is called, Banks. These banks take my money, invest my money and make money from my money. If I want to take MY money out of their bank, they charge me money in order to get MY money which they are using in order to make money for the Bank of America. The Bank of America is now willing to charge me $4.95 cents in order to protect me against over drafting an account. I am really pleased that some major corporation is concerned over my mistakes and seeks to prevent me from making another mistake in life–and, all they are seeking is more of MY money.

A few years ago the Bank of America wanted to charge people using a Debit card to pay a fee for seeking to use their money. That sort of upset some people and the effort soon ended. I trust that when I get to Heaven the Bank of American branch in that place will resume taking care of MY money and charging me for using MY money. God Bless the Bank of America