The Agony Of John McCain

The campaign is over and John McCain has his first opportunity for reflective thinking concerning the recent campaign he conducted. One can assume, his campaign will not be one of his shining moments. In 2000, after being smeared by Bush, the Arizona senator decided to come into the fold and cease being a “maverick.” It is ludicrous for McCain to use that expression when his recent campaign was classic Republican smear and shout. John McCain embraced the Bush program, and even his supposed “surge idea” had already been discussed within the Bush administration prior to any McCain shouting. In becoming one of the “Bush boys,” John McCain lost any possibility of running as an independent spirit.

The disastrous selection of idiot brained Sarah Palin was the knife that was plunged into the heart of McCain’s campaign because it meant most Independents would never vote for a ticket that included the diva who wanders around dressed in a towel. The only logical explanation of this choice is the fighter pilot mentality of McCain which takes risks. In other words, being who he was most probably cost McCain any chance to win an election.

John McCain is left with questions concerning his approach to the election. The tragedy of John McCain is if he had run as independent minded John McCain he actually might have had a shot at victory. By deciding not to be himself, McCain ended any chance he had of winning the election. It is not that he sold his soul for the semblance of power, but he sold it and got so little in return.