The Dishonor Of Honor Killings

All immigrations invariably result in cultural conflicts between those who were here and those who are new to the area. The issue of “honor killings” continues to reflect a divide between fundamentalist Muslims and the greater European population. A Kurdish-German girl threw herself into becoming part of German culture and in the process angered her parents and brother. They insisted she had to marry a man whom they had chosen and when she refused there was anger and conflict. At some point she admitted to having been pregnant and an abortion, actions which meant she could not be married to a “decent man.” Finally, her brother lured her to a field, strangled his sister and added some hard blows to get across his point because she had “sullied the family honor.”

There is no problem understanding the culture of another group, but accepting their views is another issue. As an outsider, one is shocked that only women have the capacity to “sully the family honor,” and men are never guilty of such an offense. Males can sleep around all they wish, but once a woman has sexual contact the family is now “shamed.” The real tragedy of such stories is the inability of Muslim men to recognize their hypocrisy.