The Election That Never War In Iran!

Election results in Iran usually do not come in until the following morning when it is certain that candidate X or Y has won. A few days ago within two hours after voting ended, the results indicated a massive victory for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with about 62% of the ballots. Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khomenei quickly supported the “victory” of the president in an apparent move to hold back forces of reform. Clerics may believe ensuring victory for Ahmadinejad will ensure that their values remain in force. They may have unwittingly unleashed a monster who eventually will turn on them and destroy the power of clerics. Ahmadinejad is placing his own people in government positions and replacing clerics in the process. This is a man who believes God is on his side and anyone, moderates or clerics, who opposes him, must be silenced.

In a speech given after the election, the president told his cheering crowds: “After a football match, sometimes people feel their side should have won and they get into their car and drive through a red light…. I am not happy when someone drives through a red light.” The police chief of Tehran even spoke in a more ominous tone when he said: “We have identified houses which are bases for political mobs.”

Forces of hate are now in charge of Iran. What will be the future of this society?