The Future Of Sri Lanka- Where Is It Going?

The Civil War which has raged in Sri Lanka for over a quarter of a century is apparently growing to an end as the last remaining bastions of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are wiped out and those found in them killed. For the first time in years, it is possible to move in certain areas without fear of death, but in some last ditch efforts, a Tamil Tiger woman blew herself up and killed twenty people. Suicide deaths will probably be a weapon employed by the remaining members of the group as they hide in jungles and attempt to continue their fight. Red Cross and international supplies are arriving to assist refugees, but military sources have been attempting to be the ones handing them out in order to convince the local population the government is their friend and protector.

The Sri Lanka army was modernized with Chinese and Pakistani assistance in 2008 which led to the recent successful operation to wipe out the LTTE. A remaining problem is use by LTTE forces of civilians who have been unable to leave. In a sense they are hostages of the Tigers who have become anything but tigers as their positions are over run and their friends killed.

Victory without concessions to the needs of the Tamil people will only result in another civil war some years down the road. It is now time to offer extensive local autonomy and integrate the minority within the nation in a manner that respects diversity.