The Joy Of Killing And Fame

Throughout human history we have witnessed the joy of killing. No doubt, our Cro-Magnon ancestors must have felt a surge of happiness as they wiped out the last of their Neanderthal predecessors. Name a year, name a week, name a day, and one will discover an example of people who just enjoy the thill of murdering. Jeremy Moody and his wife Christine apparently hated child molesters and considered it their duty in life to get rid of these creatures. They never regarded Charles Parker, a registered sex offender to be anything other than a creature. Jeremy shot Mr. Parker and Christine slit the throat of Mrs. Parker, who had nothing to do with child molesting.

Nothing unusual about this story. Both admitted the killings, sand both told the judge, “That’s what child molesters get!” And, both laughed and said, “If I had to do it over again, I would.” The judge asked if anyone had promised them anything for the plea of guilty and Christine burst out in laughter and said, “Just fame and fortune.”

We now inhabit a world in which an individual does something cruel or bizarre only to be given fame and fortune on the lecture circuit. The more gruesome the crime, the more lucrative the contract.