The Obama Slanders Are In Full Swing

The insidiuous attacks on the candidacy of Barack Obama will not cease until after this election concludes, if it ever does. On Monday, the MSNBC’s “Hardball With Chris Matthew” show included a segment in which Matthews was discussing the primaries and he asked: “What did Barack Obama say and why is it causing controversy?” For some strange reason, up popped a picture of Osama bin Laden, the one in which he was holding up a finger. On Tuesday, NBC News reprimanded the unidentified emplyee responsible for the headshot switcheroo. Last year, there was a similar incident with Wolf Blitzer.

Perhaps, the American media simply has a difficult time pronouncing the word “Obama” and must invariably say the word “Osama.” Perhaps, the switcheroos simply come from battle fatigue arising out of having to say the name “Obama” many times. For some strange reason there is no difficulty saying names like McCain or Clinton without a mistake. We do not wish to imply that Chris Hooey is in any way responsible for doing anything deliberate, it was simply a slip of the lip synch. Oops, we meant Matthews, not Hooey.